Club Descriptions

Code Ignite

Animation is everywhere, from the latest blockbuster Pixar film to your favorite anime series. During this six-week program for middle school students, participants will learn the basics of Scratch programming, practice controlling “sprites” (characters) through the power of code, and create their own animated shorts. Our animation program is a great introduction to the world of computer science, and requires no prior experience in computer science. Instructors are Vanderbilt University students.

Garden Club

Garden Club is responsible for planting and maintaining the school garden. We also explore creative ways to use plants–both those we grow and those we find around campus–in cooking and crafting.

Newspaper Club

Do you want to share the good news of WEMS? Join us on the newspaper staff to write articles, conduct interviews, and report on the happenings of our school! Meet us at one of our two locations at the school or at the Edgehill library on the last Wednesday of each month. This is a newspaper written by students and for students, so we need you to make it great!

Vanderbilt Interaxion

Curious how the brain works? Here’s your chance to actually TOUCH one! This is a rare opportunity to have hands-on experience with a sheep’s brain under the expert guidance of Vanderbilt students who study them.


Spend time with friends designing and creating the WEMS yearbook and supporting the school with multimedia projects. We will meet every last Friday of the month.